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Hello! My name is Danielle, and I’m a mommy to two mischievous little girls, Lyla and Brielle, and a wife to one hysterically funny husband, Kevin. 

I love my little darlings like crazy, but half the time, they also make me feel crazy, bless and curse their tiny hearts

I started this blog for two simple reasons: to share my thoughts on the delights and displeasure's of motherhood with humor, honesty and (mostly) warmheartedness. And, to connect with other mama’s, who, like me, love their children with their whole hearts (albeit, sometimes halfheartedly!).

I have an education in English Literature and Public Relations, so I’m a natural bookworm who also loves to write. My work is outspoken and point-blank – no lies here, I’m frank and from the hip. 

I’m a brazen mommy who talks the talk, and tells it like it is – one munchkin moment at a time. 


Thanks very much for reading! 

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